Wednesday, 15 June 2016



Helping hands renders help and amazing services that touches and empower lives of members and non-members (less privileged, widows, motherless homes and the needy). We believe in helping people to live a better lifestyle, get out of poverty, lack and want. As an organization, we believe in our members and we like to affect lives of others through them, since they are closer to the people around them.

In H2i, our goal is to put smiles on the faces of the poor, the needy and the less privileged. That is our sole purpose of being members of this noble organization. We know that everyone is less privileged in one way or the other, everyone needs a helping hand.

By becoming members of helping hands, we make sure you are financially empowered and are placed in a position to touch and change the lives of people around you.

Make a donation of $40 (6,600) to support the H2i project. Your donation automatically maku a member. You get registered on our platform and are given login details to your back office (online).
Next, you help the organization raise more funds by referring at least 2 of your family members, friends and colleagues and then you encourage them to do the same. And it continues to grow from there, with every member in your team bringing in their own 2's.

Instant daily, weekly and monthly earning and withdrawals; Absolutely Free Skill Acquisition; Free Ipad or Laptop; Opportunity to recommend orphans or needy for scholarship or support; Car Award; Free International Trip; Housing fund; Yearly infinity bonus; Scholarship fund for your children; Interest free loan for business and many more. 

The opportunities are limitless!!! once you are committed to the vision, you are surely bound to enjoy the many benefits in H2i and the door of poverty is closed FOREVER!!!

Helping hands international is sponsored by Hewlett Packard (HP), Apple Incorporation, Hyundai Motors, GAC Motors, GLO Nigeria.

To join us or request more information, contact 07033339371,  08051938284  or visitH

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