Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Jobs! Job!! Job!!!

Tap into  federal govenment's Recruitment and Training Initiatives.

It is an Initiative of the social investment programme  of the federal of Nigeria to empower young Nigeria unemploy Graduates.

What is unique about this programme.
1.   Its supported by both government and the private sector.
2.   Approved for funding under the social investment programme
3.   Comprehensive support given to participants.
4. Offers clear progression pathway into gainful employment

The programme is in 3 phases
1.   N-Power Teachers corps
2.   N-Power Knowledge
3.   N-Power Build

The N-Power Teachers Corps is called The Enabler.
This part enables the accessibility of qualitative basic and civic education for all Nigerians to support farmers with knowledge that ensures that they produce what we eat and to improve preventive public health care

The N-Power knowledge is called the innovators. This programme is to train investors who will use animation, digital media and technology to create practical solution for Nigeria and the world

The N-Power Build focus on how to develop a workforce of highly skilled services provided in the construction, domestic, hospitality and infrastructure industry.

Nigerian Youth!!! This is our time.  Let's make good use of these programme. Tap into this creative ideas of the new change government while it last...

Registration starts today ....just logon to register your choice.

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